Friday, December 8, 2023
Met Gala Fashion

Met Gala 2022: Best Fashion From The Red Carpet

The Met Gala is fashion's big night out -- and celebrities are known for saving their most striking outfits for its often-theatrical red carpet. Stars across...

Check Out How Kim Kardashian’s Style Has Changed Since Her Divorce From Kanye West

When she began dating Kanye West in 2012, Kim Kardashian underwent a major style shift. As many fans remember, Kanye was suuuper vocal about Kim's fashion choices both...

This “Naked” Microtrend Is Steadily Taking Over

As we've already pointed out, less is more when it comes to this season's big trends. Specifically, cut-outs. It's a craze that completely makes sense when you...

Lady Jaydee

City : Dar Es Salaam Artist Type : Bongo Flava The Best Bongo Flava female artist in Tanzania.